When a control over the product, process or overall data is needed in a systematic way from Level 0 upwards to the ERP,...

...the important value is the practical knowledge and exchange between different working groups focusing on the connectivity of various already existing databases and skills.

Therefore, workshops provided for you are in basics divided into two main fields:

  • Digitalization
  • Metallurgy

Metallurgy is referred as in-situ process/processes or technologies. As the digitalization and segmented parts inside the field of metallurgy are commonly interacting the combined workshops are possible where different divisions are brought together. In the field of Digitalization, the workshops and trainings are usually conceived and provided for easier internal implementation of digital transformation in the process. More in Digitalisation industry 4.0.


Metallurgy is a comprehensive field and therefore the workshops are objectively segmented and focused mainly on the steel production and steel usage, but not limited to other fields such as aluminium die casting (such as HPDC), refractory material studies and similar. Based on the pre-existing knowledge of participants and the actual needs at the workplace the workshops are based on the actual ongoing cooperating projects.

The basic fields are related to investigated material and or products itself such as: microstructure characterization at various levels or the basics or special knowledge exchange of steel making (melt preparation, casting, forging, rolling, heat-treatment) as also advanced workshops in the field of the complex heat treatments (related on the products and steel grades in question), advanced workshops in the separate fields of primary and secondary metallurgy, hot-rolling, hot-forging etc.



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