Bottleneck identification and productivity

Production is always between the consistent regular production cycles and the material flow limitations based on...

...the current material logistics from the beginning to the transport and the statics of the process, human resources, process itself, and on-site technology possibilities.

Increasing material productivity (in roll shops, foundries, workshops and many more) sometimes this means a need for the material flow optimisation and the need for development of highly valuable material products or products itself usually being more demanding compared to the regular production and with no process optimization the risk of producing poor quality can be severe. Such bottlenecks are to certain point predicted already from the starting the new project in-house. Most commonly it is observed that new products are rigorously implemented in industrial environment without the full prediction of potential influence on other products with close to stable production cycles without sufficient effort being made for additional optimisation on the existent one. Meaning that productivity will deteriorate. To overcome this production/technological due diligence should be addressed as a basic step to assess the severity of the incoming bottlenecks.


Internal capacity to increase productivity is sometimes possible already by evaluation of Revision and optimisation of the product cost calculations for final products and corresponding technology and processes, meaning that based on dynamic price calculations an improved and solid decision of management is possible to recognize the product outliers, helping to promote vital industry with products of higher yield and potentially affecting the logistics and material flow optimisation and helping increase the productivity under stabler production.


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