Preparation or a revision of investment plans

Investment plans are an integral part of every company since they provide direction and meaning for the financial decisions.

Based on our long-term experience working in the sector of heavy industry first as individuals and then as a technological consultant company we have an in-depth knowledge of the production processes. Apart from this we do not have a biased interest of selling a particular piece equipment. This combined gives us the opportunity to prepare a new investment plan or to revise an existing one.

The companies have found this most useful when:

  • There is a dilemma whether to buy completely new equipment or to revamp existing one.
  • There is a plan to develop new products or to significantly improve (quality, productivity, cost) existing ones.
  • There is a plan to increase production capacities significantly.
Our work starts with very accurately noting the reasons and time frame for making new investments. It then continues with preparing an overview of existing capabilities. We then research what are the possibilities on the market an prepare a draft investment plan. We include basic ROI calculations.

After the confirmation of a draft version, we make a final investment plan. With a revision our work follows similar guidelines, but we first make a detailed overview of existing investment plan. Work on this topic is especially beneficial for owners and management since they get a second opinion on their first choices.

Financial planning


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