Material science

Improving your tools through material science

Production, processing, mechanical treatment, heat treatment and surface treatment are key to formation of the appropriate mechanical properties that give our product a purpose. The above listed processes have influence on properties formed such as increased hardness, material toughness, microstructure development, grain size, material purity, material ability to withstand cyclic and thermal loads and many other properties.

Are you experiencing premature material failure?

In practice we are often confronted with the problem of premature material failure of our product/tool. It should have done more shots/syringes/forges than it did before failing. We are faced with the problem of tool deformation, breakage during heat treatment and crack formation on surface during operation.

Save time and cost by material investigation and quality control

An appropriate method of material investigation can accurately determine the acceptability of the material – that is, whether it has been properly manufactured, processed and heat treated. Quality control in important for both small and large series of products. Through it we save both time and cost of producing new products or tools. Based on defined acceptance conditions we avoid risk of potential claims and additional complication do to improper product use. Using material science, we can accurately define and eliminate any potential failure mechanism that we were not aware of so far and which have caused us production delay, increased costs and lower productivity.



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