Developing and implementing material digital twins

A material digital twin is a product that combines digital technologies with circular economy principles.

Material digital twin is in essence a detailed mass flow control and control of chemical composition in a digital form. It forms a backbone for a more comprehensive technological digital twin which includes also all the other important technological parameters.

A material digital twin has two perspectives - an internal optimization perspective and external optimization perspective:

  • Internal optimization:
    • Quality (predict and detect quality trend defects à when and how much defects are created),
    • Productivity (with defining the bottlenecks using such tools as OEE, than productivity is increased),
    • Cost effectiveness (with higher productivity and better quality cost-effectiveness is increased.
  • External optimization:
    • Purchase (enabling companies to purchase the by-products of other companies for input materials),
    • Sales (enabling companies to sell by-products).
Primary/secondary flow


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