Revision and optimisation of the product cost calculations

Understanding how product cost is summed up is key to manage company costs for operational purposes.

In addition, it sets a basis for formulating a price of company products and consequently gives information on which products are most profitable.

With combining the knowledge of production processes and finance, we have a very clear system of appropriating costs to individual products. We have developed a methodology for doing a cross-check with a complete P/L statement of a company in which way we can validate the product cost we have calculated.

One of our biggest benefits is to verify the source of data for product cost calculation and to automate as much of the calculation as possible.

The service we offer has three distinct phases:

  • Analysis of existing product cost calculation
  • Cross-check of ex-ante with ex-post calculation and ex-post calculation with P/L statement
  • Development of new/optimized ex-ante and ex-post product cost calculation

We complement our service with a development of a complete digital solutions to automate product cost calculations, or to optimize existing digital solutions.

The companies have found most benefit in the fact, that they know exactly which products are profitable and which are not. Additionally, they can plan their production costs and calculate ROI on investments project with much greater detail.



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