Revision and optimisation of key performance indicators (KPI)

For companies operating in heavy industry there are two very important aspects.

Firstly, to have robust data is crucial and secondly to interpret these data in a meaningful way. KPIs are a very strong tool for the latter.

With the specific know-how we have gathered we provide production companies with a service for a comprehensive revision followed up with optimisation of KPIs.

When working with optimizing KPIs we follow these guidelines:

  • KPIs should be empirically measurable.
  • KPIs should be on specific enough.
  • KPIs should be periodically automatically presented.
  • KPIs should be meaningful in a way, that the company does not lose the bigger picture.
  • KPIs should have a very clear hierarchy (e.g. for production, for technology, for management.)
  • Each KPI should have a person responsible for achieving it.

We support our customers with periodic meetings in which we address the deviations from target KPIs, we form preventive and corrective measurement with the customer team.

To increase the value of our service we provide companies with custom made dashboards for online monitoring of KPIs and digital solution for periodic reporting of past achievement of KPIs.

There is a significant improvement of the process possible with accurately defining the KPIs on one hand, and on another with automating their reporting the employees can work on improving them instead of only presenting them.

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