Pro Labor as a company supports active lifestyle

Like business, mountaineering takes a lot of sacrifice, long term preparation, patience, consistency, dedication, systematic approach and love for the thing you do. We have our branded flag which travels around the world on some of the highest (and other) peaks of each continent. It could happen that our flag reaches over 8000m of altitude soon.

In 2022 our flag reached highest point in North America. Extremly difficult mountain to climb - Denali (6190m).


In 2020 our flag reached highest point in Americas – Aconcagua (6961m).


In 2019 our flag reached highest peaks of Africa – Kilimanjaro (5895m) and Europe – Elbrus (5642m).


In 2018 our flag went on a journey to Nepal and reached mt.Everest base camp (5365m).