(Origin) scrap (failure) root cause identification

Similar to Bottleneck identification and productivity sometimes the bottleneck represents a multiple...

...or single event which stops the production of certain products or makes them questionable from the end buyer or user.

When under regular internal inspections no anomalies are recognized but final products fail an (Origin) scrap (failure) root cause identification is addressed. To identify the origin of the materials or products failure the defected material in it most original preserved state is critically analysed based on pre-knowledge based on expertise from material science and education part.

Using adapted protocols, adapted case-by-case studies and latest cutting-edge equipment needed for in-detail studies and analytical tools a critical information is extracted. This serves commonly for process optimization.


During the material and product production the quality variations can reach or overcomes the acceptable limits. Regardless on the type of production the main effort is made to identify the most sensible origin as a main source of increased scrap percentage.

This is usually done as a part of process optimization by big data analysis and commonly addressed together with technological applications to cover additional aspects of production and satisfying internal and external quality.



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