In Pro Labor education is ongoing project of improving knowledge and skills in many fields being regularly used for the purpose.

An important aspect of education is to establish solid cooperation between different scientific and expert industrial groups in the field of interest and exchange formal and non-formal expertise.

This is a spontaneous process in case of collaborations, projects, and similar where know-how exchange is made to promote high-quality data interpretations in Process optimizations and upgrading the current state of knowledge at our partners for the Material Science part where laboratory experimental work and in-situ models are incorporated and prepared for industrial environment. As specific knowledge and training in metallurgy are continuously needed, the methodologies and practical techniques are incorporated into the existing systems at our partners starting from the beginning of how to prepare the design of experiments, its validation, and fine-tuning the process parameters. Also, some basics are given for those unfamiliar with the material and or processes. Microstructure characterization is taken as a basis for many, if not all, relevant parameter optimizations from melt preparations, casting, heat treatment (classical, vacuum, or induction hardening), hot or cold forging and similar, carburizing, nitriding, or other final operations such as arc-welding and many more, and therefore emphasize is given on microstructure interpretations concerning technological parameters.

Due to the interdisciplinarity of the field, education is often segmented into digitalization and Industry 4.0 for solid data management, often addressed also about the technological approach to digitalization and Industry 4.0 with on-site workshops.



Typical fields:

  • Microstructural characterization (depends on the demands),
  • Primary steel metallurgy,
  • Secondary steel metallurgy,
  • Casting (sand, permanent, HPDC),
  • Chemical composition adjustments of steels,
  • Slag behavior studies (for ladles and EAF, VOD),
  • Non-metallic inclusion formation and melt refining (iron and non-iron based alloys),
  • Hot-rolling and thermomechanical processing,
  • Hot forging,
  • Nitriding treatments,
  • Heat treatments of dies, induction treatments of hand tools,
  • Water atomization,
  • Failure mechanism determinations,
  • Etc.


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