Your consultant for metallurgy process optimization and business know-how.

About us

Company Pro Labor d.o.o. was founded on the demand from the market itself. We recognised a need for certain type of business know-how knowledge in the various industries which we encountered on the market.

That gave us an idea to start our own company which will support these companies by offering process optimization and knowledge development with a highly educated and competent team with over 30 years of experience in total on the market.

Along the way we adapted our service portfolio also to different arreas which are supported with experts on the field. We strongly believe that we bring value to our customers and partners. We are driven with facts and KPI's, and our goal is to develop longterm and partner relationships with our customers.

Your consultant for metallurgy process optimization and business know-how

Expert areas:

  • liquid metal preparation,
  • casting,
  • forging,
  • numerical modelling,
  • welding,
  • heat treatment and surface coating,
  • data management,
  • additive manufacturing and 3D print,
  • avtomatization in digitalization,
  • cost effectiveness and business development,
  • ISO sistems and KPIs.

Experts in:

  • metallurgy,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • mechatronics,
  • thermography,
  • digital transformation.

In Pro Labor we work in accordance with standards:
ISO 9001, 14001, 17025 in IATF 16949.

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Consulting company with highly skilled and experienced team.

Grega Klančnik

Dr. Grega Klančnik

Main R&D engineer

Marko Bojinović

Dr. Marko Bojinović

Technical Director & CO-Owner

Luka Krajnc

Dr. Luka Krajnc

R&D director & CO-Owner

Jan Žmitek

Jan Žmitek

Software developer


MDPI Materials Special Issue: "Ductility, Formability and Microstructure of Alloys and Steels"

An metallurgical event held by a Pro Labor member

The continuous development of new products demands continuous improvements in steels and special alloys for target applications. Improving the mechanical properties and related functional properties are always a major focus in the field of metallurgy.

More about the Issue Issue PDF flyer


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