Stimulative part of the salary

Payment is one of the most important aspects of employee's engagement in a company, even though it is not the only one.

With the lack of experienced workforce, both for manual labour and technological labour, it has become of the highest importance for companies to attract and maintain the most skilful and motivated people.

A big part in this can play an empirically calculated stimulative part of the salaries. In our experience the biggest problem the employees have with a stimulative part of the salaries is that:

  • It is not empirically calculated.
  • It is subjective.
  • It is unfair.
  • It is too small.
  • It is for management levels only.

We address all of these issues and devise solutions for them. Our main advantage is that we combine the knowledge on productions processes and finance. Our proposed stimulative part of salaries models are focused on individuals, small teams, complete production teams and company overall.

The work usually starts with investigating the existing stimulative part of salary models and In this way individuals feel connected and engaged with their team and their company. This attracts new motivated people to join the company and motivates existing employees to work more and stay longer in a specific company.

Part of the salary Criteria
Fixed part Agreed with collective contracts Fixed
Stimulative part Based on individual performance Individual KPIs
Based on team or shift performance Production KPIs
Based on production department performance Production KPIs
Based on company performance Company KPIs


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