Tech applications

Technological applications are different added value applications in industrial processes that...

... are providing deeper insight, control and optimization in the part or complete technological process in industry. They connect different data from ERP, MES, SCADA, PLCs, IIoT devices and sensors in real time to analyze, control and optimize processes.

The goal of technological applications is:

  • data exchange from several data sources in real time for process overview in real time for different parties,
  • data analysis of process in real time,
  • process control and process deviation in real time,
  • optimization of process and identification of bottle necks,
  • predictive behavior of process with AI.

Technological applications provide real time data of:

  • technological parameters,
  • sensors,
  • scrap,
  • productivity,
  • information and mass flow,
  • OEE,
  • level of manufacture,
  • estimated production time,
  • congestions,
  • KPIs and much more.


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