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Highly technological hard data supported optimization of your projects

Experts in project work in metallurgy, process optimization, digitalization, data management, technical and technological due diligence.


Process optimization

Optimization of steelplant processes:

  • Primary metallurgy (EAF, AOD, BF, BOF) including scrap preparation.
  • Secondary metallurgy (LF, VD, VOD).
  • Tundish metallurgy and casting.

Optimization of hot and cold deformation processes:

  • Hot and cold rolling.
  • Hot and cold forging.

Optimization of heat treatment processes:

  • Annealing.
  • Quenching and tempering.
  • Nitrocarburizing
Target: Increased quality, cost effectiveness and productivity.

Process optimization

  • Diagnostic of current level of production/technological process.
  • KPI – overview of existing and establishing new.
  • Development of the production/technological standardization.
  • Managing production/technological teams.
  • Making of new technological documentation and work instructions.
Target: Increased quality, cost effectiveness and productivity.


Digital transformation - Digitalization from A to Z

In business, digitization is the process of changing data from analog to digital form and using it for process and storing. Data can be for example document, report, form or signal. While digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities. It is the process of moving to a digital business. Therefore, we digitize information and digitalize process and roles that make up the operations of a business.

Digitization and digitalization are essentially about technology, KPI, optimization of costs, material flow, information flow and to optimize business results.

On the other hand, the digital transformation is all about customer, it has nothing to do with the technology, but with the business, strategy, market opportunities and challenges.

We can provide the diagnostics of company where we determine the level and need of digitization, digitalization and digital transformation for the company. Then we form a project team and do case to case conceptual design, detail design, implementation, and commissioning of project.

We have a lot of references, especially in heavy industry, foundry, steelworks and hot stamping. We are also official part of Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia.


Technical due diligence and technological due diligence

Process optimization

  • Assessment

    • of infrastructure (buildings, machines, energents (pipelines) etc.)
    • of organizational charts (hierarchy, decision-making etc.)
    • of production/technological process (productivity, yield, quality, cost effectiveness etc.)
    • of R&D level and potential
    • of data management, code quality etc.
  • Estimation of CAPEX and OPEX for maintenance and investments.

  • Systematic identification of all forms of risk towards making major decisions.

Target: Technical/technological condition of a company


Digitalization and automation.

For thermographic examination, we use several of the most powerful thermographic cameras and pyrometers, suitable for a specific technological application. We are specialized mainly in the field of thermography in heavy industry, steelworks, foundries, smithies, induction heating, plastic injection molding in the automotive industry and in glassworks.

Thermographic technological inspection and implementation of process monitoring technology

We offer thermographic technological inspection of process components (casting, workpiece, furnace, repetition, cast iron, tools, forging, roller,…) and implementation of real-time temperature field measurement with the possibility of process control based on capturing the temperature field in the most demanding conditions. We can also create a custom-made application for the customer to monitor, manage, analyse and control technological processes.


Data management

Digitalization and automation.

  • Establishing a conceptual production/technological IT architecture:

    • Check which data is necessary for the production/technological process.
    • Overview of existing data acquisition level.
    • Provide solutions for data acquisition and data management.
  • Overview of existing data storage systems and providing solutions for upgrade.

  • Implementing IT solutions into production/technological process:

    • Programing of production/technological applications.
    • Integrating new applications with existing ERP and MES systems.
    • Creating custom made reports for all levels of management.

Target: Optimum vizualization for all levels, from shop workers and technologists to management. Best process control.


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