Representatives for heat treatment furnaces

We are representatives for heat treatment furnaces for Rubig, Codere and Schmetz heat treatment processes of metals.

In the case of heat treatment of metals, the operation of the furnace is important for the optimum technological process and the achievement of the desired results after the heat treatment of the products.

High-quality metal heat treatment furnace enables smooth, high-quality, reliable, optimal and safe operation with the possibility of 100% traceability of products for a given technological application. Each heat treatment process is unique and needs to be carefully designed for optimum performance.

Our approach is therefore case to case engineering with each partner on a project basis to provide a technologically advanced application for your heat treatment process. In the package we can offer upgrading, production, installation and start-up of the furnace for heat treatment of metals and also optimization of technological processes (cycles) in industrial production.


We are representatives for:

  • Gas/Plasma nitriding
  • Gas/Plasma nitrocarburizing
  • Post oxidation
  • DLC coating
  • TiCN, TiCN, TiBN, TiB2 coating
  • Oil quenching
  • Salt quenching
  • Water quenching
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Aluminium quenching
  • Vacuum quenching
  • Sub zero quenching


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